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Solarsilk Coupon Rewards
von Solarsilk
21 Tage kostenlos testen

Solarsilk Coupon Rewards

von Solarsilk
Send coupons to keep customers coming back.
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21 Tage kostenlos testen
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  • Solarsilk Coupon Rewards - Überblick

        Send a unique, one-time-use coupon code to each customer after purchase, based on their order value.
        Set an expiration date on coupons (relative to the time of creation) to give a sense of urgency to return to your store.
        Quick setup, then get the benefits of your automated system. No code and no developer required.
        Get detailed stats on all coupons sent and redeemed including order value generated by the coupons.
    Turn Buyers Into Repeat Customers Solarsilk Coupon Rewards is a fully automated system that automatically sends a coupon to your customers after they complete a qualifying purchase, inviting them to return to your store. Simple and incredibly effective! With the Solarsilk Coupon Rewards app, you're creating a cycle: Customer comes to your store > Makes a purchase > Gets a new coupon > Returns to your store. Voila! Repeat customer. Customize up to 4 tiers, with increasing reward value. This encourages the customer to increase their shopping cart amount. They'll know that a bigger cart will ...
    mean getting a better coupon reward. We'll automatically send a follow up email before the customer's coupon expires, for an extra nudge to come back to your store and make a purchase. See colorful graphs, as well as a list of all orders, their associated coupon and whether or not it was redeemed, along with the revenue generated from that new purchase.
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