Graphics by Day
Graphics by Day
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Daysia was born and raised in Baltimore,MD where she fell in love with technology . She is not only a graphics designer but a makeup artist and mentor for over 4 years now. Daysia was 13 when she fell in love with computers and graphics but never pursued the career until her junior year in college. She has worked , grown and developed her own style of graphics that has helped over 400 businesses brand . Her graphics are chic, modern, creative and timeless. Daysia's passion for design is way beyond sitting in front of a computer and making something out of bits of ideas; her designs are to inspire people. She love when people see her graphics and 1. Get inspired to get serious about their business. 2. Know that it’s her work 3. Get inspired to learn about graphics Helping businesses with branding themselves is her main priority. Daysia loves helping entrepreneurs and consumers bring their visions to life....

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