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Facebook Messenger Live Chat
von POWR
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Facebook Messenger Live Chat

von POWR
Stay in touch & chat with your customers 24/7
Kostenloses Paket verfügbar

Facebook Messenger Live Chat - Überblick

    Provide great customer support with a live chat app on your website through Facebook Messenger.
    Customize a personal welcome message and add your own avatar to your live chat window.
    Select triggers: Display your Facebook Chat box to new visitors only, returning visitors, or all!
    Make it unique: Select your own icon, welcome message, button text, colors and more.
Provide seamless, real-time customer support with live chat through Facebook Messenger on your Wix site. Use Facebook Chat to connect to your Facebook Business Page to stay in touch with customers while on the go. Add your personal welcome message and avatar for a personal touch and to instill more trust in your visitors when they open the messenger chat. Live chat with visitors directly on your Wix site; new messages will be delivered to Facebook Messenger in real-time. When you respond, the messages will appear instantly in the chat window. Personalize your Facebook Chat with custom icon images, colors, backgrounds, button text, and fonts. You can also decide when to display your chat window, who sees your chatbot, and how often it appears. Facebook Chat supports text in any language and is responsive on all connected devices.
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Connect any Facebook account
Custom button text
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Chat triggers
Custom image and icon
Advanced backgrounds
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Chat delay
Custom CSS/JS
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