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Social Proof Sales
von Smartarget
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Social Proof Sales

von Smartarget
Boost trust with previous sales notifications
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Kostenlose Version verfügbar
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        Pick manually which sales notifications to show
        Configure the timing, amount of notifications and more.
        Customize the app to fit your website style
        Works on desktop and mobile
    Create a pool of names and a pool of items you want to promote and the Social Proof Sales app will show it on your website. This app can help your users to gain more trust and for you to have more sales! Pick the right user experience you want You can choose what items to promote, add relevant pictures and customers names. Pick the position of the notification, how many notifications to show and the frequency. It doesn't matter if your website is new or already running for many years, with Social Proof Sales you can manually add notifications and make your new customers aware of previous sales.
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