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Integrierte SEO für mehr Wachstum

Erreiche die Ziele deiner Kund:innen schneller mit SEO, die in jedem deiner Arbeitsschritte integriert ist.

Bing logo.
Code showing that Wix infrastructure is based on server-side rendering, allowing search engines to fully crawl, view, and extract the site content.
The website homepage for an online store that sells drones. The user’s Wix SEO Settings Panel is open and they are viewing the structured data markup under the tab “SEO Advanced.”
Search engine optimization dashboard
Semrush logo
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Branchenführende SEO-Technologie für deine Projekte

  • Automatisierte 301-Umleitungen

  • Serverseitiges Rendering

  • Automatisiertes Markup für strukturierte Daten

  • Optimierte robot.txt-Dateien

  • Dynamische XML-Sitemaps

  • Komprimierte Website-Bilder

  • Automatisches Page-Caching

  • Individuelle Metatags

  • Ändere SEO-Einstellungen nach Seitentyp

  • Massen-301-Umleitungen

  • SEO-Assistent

  • Seitenhierarchie

  • Google Search Console Website-Prüftool

  • Bot-Protokollberichte

  • APIs für Entwickler:innen

  • Hunderte Apps

  • Integration von Google Search Console

  • Semrush-Integration

  • Direkte Indexierung bei Google

  • Integration von Google Merchant Center

  • Integration von Google Unternehmensprofil

A graph showing traffic over time and clicks with the numbers increasing.
Wix’s native integration with Semrush which helps you choose high-performing keywords based on keyword difficulty.
Choosing page hierarchy for Wix site pages and enabling automatic 301 redirects.
A website sitemap that is automatically created and optimized by Wix, helping search engines better understand how to crawl it.
Customizing default settings in the Wix SEO Panel.
The Wix Site Inspection tool showing the index status for an online store’s various web pages, including whether they stand out in search as rich results.
The Wix Site Inspection tool displaying the overall indexation status of a website’s pages in a traffic light system. There are four categories shown: valid, invalid, warning, and excluded.
Editing the SEO tags for a florist in the Wix SEO Panel.
The Wix AI Text Creator suggesting title tags for a digital marketing consulting agency.

SEO-Features, die zu deinen Prioritäten passen