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Etsy Reviews by Certified Code
von Certified Code
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Etsy Reviews by Certified Code

von Certified Code
Easily display reviews & ratings from Etsy
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Etsy Reviews by Certified Code - Überblick

    Rich Review Showcase: Elevate your business credibility by effortlessly showcasing Etsy reviews and ratings directly on your website. With options ranging from Starter to Pro, display up to 1000 reviews to help potential customers trust your services
    Real-time Reputation Management: Keep your online reputation up-to-date with our automatic update feature. Choose between manual updates once per day or hour, or let the app refresh every day or hour, ensuring your latest reviews are always on display, demonstrating how your business is noticed on the reviews platform
    Clean and Professional Display: Present your reviews seamlessly with no distractions. Our app offers a polished user experience without any "powered by" badges, providing a clean and professional showcase of your reviews and ratings. Plus, enjoy unlimited page views and widgets, enabling you to broadcast your business's positive reputation without limitations
Unveil the power of Etsy reviews with our feature-packed app designed to display and manage your business ratings effortlessly. From Starter to Pro, tailor your review showcase to fit your needs and gain the trust of potential customers. Showcase your Etsy reviews seamlessly and build the credibility your business deserves.
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Display 50 reviews on your site
Unlimited page views & widgets
Update once a day manually
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Everything in Starter +
Display 100 reviews on your site
Update once an hour manually
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Everything in Lite +
Display 250 reviews on your site
Update automatically every day
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Everything in Plus +
Display 1000 reviews on your site
Automatic updates every hour
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