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Retarget Online Ads
von AdTechium LLC
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Retarget Online Ads

von AdTechium LLC
Advertising and retargeting on Google+Facebook
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Retarget Online Ads - Überblick

    No hassle smart online advertising solution
    Retargeting - we'll bring back your precious visitors
    Facebook/ Instagram + Google + Internet advertising
    All fees included - no extra costs for ads or clicks
Retarget is an online advertising platform that combines technology with human experts to provide you with great advertising experience. * On average, 96% of the converted visitors of a website (those who actually bought your product or service) will not make a purchase on their first visit. We'll make sure they come back to your site again and again. * Create your ad in a 1-minute guide-through wizard, our experts will then review it. * Our tool will run your campaign on multiple platforms - Across the net, within Facebook, Google's marketing channels, and more. * We will expose your ad to new and relevant visitors as well as to returning users, so you would have a fair chance of actually selling your product or service.
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Preise & Abonnements

Premiumpaket Starter


Track visitors to your site
Retarget visitors across the internet
Review number of returned visitors
Use as a basis for larger audiences
Premiumpaket Advanced


All the benefits of the Starter Plan
Acquire new visitors
Advertise on additional platforms
Additional budget
Premiumpaket Jumbo


All the benefits of the advanced Plan
Twice the budget
Google Analytics conversion funnel
Premiumpaket Jumbo +


Show your ads to who is search for you
Bigger buget
Personal support
* Preis ist in USD

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