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Chad Bot - Instant Chatbot
von Home Creativity
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Chad Bot - Instant Chatbot

von Home Creativity
Instant Inbox replies powered by Chat GPT
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Kostenlose Version verfügbar
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  • Chad Bot - Instant Chatbot - Überblick

        Super easy setup
        Knows everything on your website
        Choose from a range of personalities
        Fully integrated with Inbox and Chat
    Getting tired of replying to all of your Inbox messages? We've got you covered. Chad Bot will read your website and learn absolutely everything on it. Then it will start replying to your Inbox messages for you. Integrating with your Inbox means you get to keep your current Chat widget on your website, no fussing around. You can configure Chad Bot to have almost any personality you like - angry, empathetic, friendly, funny, professional, and more. Chad Bot can start working with as little as 4 clicks. It's really that simple. Our free plan is waiting for you to try out Chad Bot on your own website. There's no better test.
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