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Booking Calendar
von Manoj the Yogi
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Booking Calendar

von Manoj the Yogi
Manage bookings for all types of rentals
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Kostenloses Paket verfügbar

Booking Calendar - Überblick

    Free Trial of the Booking Calendar available for 30 days after initial installation, also applies to the Off-Grid Rentals template
    Click calendar dates to set the start and end of your booking, or use the Settings to enable check-in/check-out dates
    Customize start and end date labels, as well as images for unavailable, available and reserved dates
    Dashboard page allows for the viewing and managing of all bookings for all rentals on a single screen
Includes both a Basic Calendar for free and a Booking Calendar as an upgrade option. The Booking Calendar comes with a UI for users to view and select available dates for making bookings and also a form to collect contact information to store in the CMS with the booking dates. An Off-Grid Rentals template has also been created that integrates the Booking Calendar with Stores to collect payment for bookings. Contact us if interested. With Velo (coding), use the provided API widget to store booking dates and contact information. The API can also be used for email notifications, custom booking rules, to check availability, and remove bookings. A detailed User Guide (click Learn More link) and video tutorials on using the Booking Calendar and its API are available at the website.
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The Booking Calendar allows your users to reserve days for rentals, events or any other service/activity offered.
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