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Closeby - Store Locator
von Closeby.co
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Closeby - Store Locator

von Closeby.co
The beautiful locator map for modern brands ✨
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Closeby - Store Locator - Überblick

    Easy Setup: Add a beautiful locator to your store as a page or embeddable section.
    Extensive Customizations: Select from design options to best express your brand.
    Beautiful UX: Mobile-friendly, feature-rich and easy to use for customers.
    Flexible Content: Add images, custom buttons and more to each of your locations.
Closeby is the modern store locator for branding with an online presence. We help businesses make the most of potential customers by showing them a seamless web experience. It is completely customizable to fit your branding needs and packed with powerful features. Plus, it only takes a couple minutes to set up. No need for expensive web development or design. With just a couple steps, you can have a new powerful feature that will save you time and money. Set yourself up for success with tons of customizations and our Google Sheet integration.
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