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Fyrebox Quizzes
von Fyrebox Quizzes
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Fyrebox Quizzes

von Fyrebox Quizzes
Create fun, interactive quizzes for your site
Kostenlose Version verfügbar
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        Customise the look and feel of your quiz
        Generate leads directly from your website
        Integrate your quiz with other software
        Make your site more fun!
    Make your own quiz with Fyrebox, to capture leads or just make your site more fun ! Fyrebox makes easy to create a mobile friendly interactive quiz . Simple to start and easy to use, create a quiz (or two) that come with built-in analytics for you to record the players' answers and the statistics. You can export the leads automatically to your CRM or auto-responder. Here is the list of quizzes you can create: Scenario Quiz Multiple Choice Quizzes True False Quiz Open Ended Quiz Mostly As Fyrebox is available in 37 different languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, Portuguese,... It will detect the language of your browser and display the version in your language. Edit every piece of content within the quiz as well with our advanced look and feel editor. Change colors, move the buttons around, change their labels,...
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