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Job Board
von POWR
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Job Board

von POWR
Hire faster with an open positions job board
Kostenlose Version verfügbar
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        Easily post open job positions with job title, location, description, salary, department filters, and more.
        Link your postings directly to an online application form with an 'Apply Now' button.
        Get automatic emails each time an application is submitted.
        Customize your job board with custom buttons, fonts, backgrounds, borders and more!
    Hire employees or contractors faster and fill open positions with a job board for your website. - Add your job title, location, description, salary, and more. - Post full-time, part-time, and contract positions - Create department filters to allow visitors to easily filter relevant jobs. - Easily accept applications by linking to a job application form. - Create your job or employment application form with POWR Form Builder, so you can manage new applications and collect file uploads for resumes, CVs or cover letters. - Customize your Job Board fonts, colors, backgrounds and borders to match your brand. Customer Support You Can Count On - If you have any questions or need help getting Job Board up and running, we’re here to help! Visit the POWr Help Center for answers to common questions and for email support.
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